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Sublimation paper S-RACE VIVID 120 (3)



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A huge technological leap forward

S-RACE® is in a league of its own due to the groundbreaking high-tech coating. The thick coating of the paper has a microporous structure and – together with the specially engineered base paper – functions as the perfect receiver of printed ink. This unique composition, with a high air permeability, provides the paper with the ability to absorb and store the ink, like a sponge, very quickly and precisely. The ink is then released exactly in the position it has been printed – for perfect line sharpness and detailed reproduction.

Conventional dye sublimation papers have a swellable coating technology. Swellable coatings are thinner with reduced air permeability. The ink lies on top of the paper and makes the coating swell, resulting in stronger bleeding and significantly slower drying.

In comparison, with S-RACE® and its extremely fast drying properties, subsequent production steps can be immediately started – for efficient processes and higher productivity.

Key applications:

  • For all dye sublimation desktop printers (such as Sawgrass, Epson or Ricoh) and large format printers
  • Especially designed for fabrics used in the soft signage; for sublimation onto photo panels and merchandise, interior and architecture articles
  • Transfer on photo panels (e.g. ChromaLuxe®), ceramic mugs or tiles, polyester-coated hard substrates such as glass, fibreglass, boards, etc. and mouse pads as well as polyester textiles

  • Number of sheets per ST 100.0
  • Weight per unit area: 120.0 g/m²
  • Format DIN A4 = 21,0X29,7CM
  • External surface MATT