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VJ-1624X for ecosolvent and solvent print (2)

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Discover the ValueJet 1624X sign & display printer (1625 mm – 64”), successor of Mutoh’s best-selling ValueJet 1624. The single head VJ-1624X delivers unrivalled print quality thanks to its high-precision mechanical design, latest piezo inkjet head technology and an unprecedented level of ease of use! Robustly built, ValueJet 1624X delivers sellable production speeds up to 20.5 m²/h and will meet the needs of established sign makers who need extra versatility and of larger operations wishing to extend their capacity and flexibility. VJ-1624X will produce best-in-class speed and the highest levels of quality to satisfy your customers with output which will simply stand out and make heads turn.

  • Technológia tlače Micro Piezo s variabilnou veľkosťou kvapky ovládaná technológiou
  • Počet tlačových hláv: 1
  • Konfigurácia trysiek: 180 trysiek x 8 radov (spolu 1440)
  • Výška hlavy: 1,5mm, 2,5mm alebo 4 mm
  • Max. šírka média: 1625 mm
  • Max. šírka tlače: 1615 mm
  • Rýchlosť tlače: 5m2/h – 29,1 m2/h
  • Spotreba počas tlače: 1100W
  • Spotreba v stan by režime: 30W
  • Napájanie: AC 100-120V, AC 220-240V- 60/50Hz